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Runway deicing agents

An advanced range of environmentally-friendly liquid and solid deicers, supplied in a range of pack sizes and by tanker delivery.

Rapid and effective control of ice is vital to ensure the safe and efficient operation of leading airports throughout Europe. Liquids are the most widely used form of deicers used due to the advantages of rapid and accurate application.

The inital forms of liquid deicers used, based on glycol and urea have now been replaced with the more environmentally-friendly acetates. ABC Contact can supply three liquid acetate-based deicers, Isomex 1, Isomex 3 and the solid deicer NAAC (based on solid sodium acetate).

Isomex 1 is a conventional 50% potasssium acetate liquid deicer, offering extremely effective deicing and anti-icing performance in a wide range of condition. It is approved to both UK and US Aerospace and runway construction standards and by water authorities and environmental agencies.

Isomex 3 is an advanced, thickened potassium acetate liquid deicer. It contains viscosity modifyers to increase hold-over time under conditions of light precipitation. It was developed to provide the viscosity advantages of glycol-based product, without the environmental disadvantages.



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