We offer the full range of fire fighting pumps - motor pupms, pumps for fire trucks, stationary mounted pumps and towable pump stations.

Portable fire-fighting pumps

Portable pumps for draining, fire-fighting or water supply.
Pump body material: aluminum or copper alloys (gunmetal/bronze)
Maximum output: up to 1700 l/min at free discharge.
With vacuum priming.
Engine: gasoline or diesel.
Coupling: german "Storz", others on request.
With electrical or/and manual starter.
Detailed information for each model available on request.

Pumps for fire fighting vehicles

Pumps for fire trucks
Material of the pump: aluminum or copper alloys (gunmetal/bronze)
For normal, high pressur or combined. Maximal output normal pressure: up to 10000 l/min
With vacuum priming system.
Foam mixing system
Driven: from the engine of the fire truck or own engine.
Coupling system: german "Storz", other available upon request.
Detailed information for the different models upon request.

Fire pumps for stationary mounting

Fire pumps for stationary mounting for securing the water supply to sprinkler instalations, fire-extinguishing instalations at tank farms, refineries and industrial plants.
Drive: own engine in ourder to have an autonomy in case of interruption of the power supply. Other drives available upon request.
Material of the pump: aluminum or copper alloys (gunmetal/bronze).

Output: different for each pump model, can be as high as 8000-10000 l/min at 10 bar.

Towable fire-fighting pumps

The towable firefighting pumps are used most often for simultaneous water delivery to several fire trucks, draining of flooded areas or similar purposes where very large output is required.

They are mounted on own carriage.
Drive: own engine.
Material of the pump: aluminum or copper alloys.
Output: different at each model, can reach the impressive 8000-10000 l/min at 10 bar.
Coupling system: german Storz, other available upon request.



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