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We offer the full range of foam compound - multipurpose, AFFF, FFFP, ARC. Packing: 20 l canister, 200 l plastic drum or 1000 l IBC. Compliant with EN 1568.

Multipurpose synthetic foam compounds

The multipurpose foam compounds are suitable for creating foam with low, medium and high expansion ratio. They are based on synthetic surface active substances and in addition contain foam stabilizers and antifreesing substances. They are not suitable for extuinguising fires of polar solvents (for example alcochols).

They can be used with fresh, sea, river or treated industrial water.

The formation of the different foam tipes is achieved by the respective foam hardware(foam generator, monitor, etc).

Film forming synthetic foam compounds (AFFF)

Just like the multipurpose foam compounds the AFFF foam are suitable for creation of foam with low, medium and high expansion ratio.

In addition, they have the ability to form a "film"of the surface of the liquids, thus stopping the oxygen supply.

They are not suitable for polar solvents - in this case the ARC foam compound shall be applied.

Alcohol resistant foam compounds (ARC)

For aplycation in cases, when treatment of hydrocarbons with polar group is required(for example alcochols). Just like the AFFF foams they form a film on the surface, but in addition to the rest, this film is “alcochol resistant".

Protein foam compounds

Their foam forming agents contaion natural proteins. Unlike the synthetic foam compounds they are biodegreadable. The foam created is also with higher heat resistance.
The protein foam compounds are common (P), fluoroprotein (FP), alcochol resistant film forming (AR-FP), film forming flour - protein (FFFP) and alcohol resistant film forming fluoroprotein(AR-FFFP).

Foam compounds for use on airports

The airport fire brigades are trained to cope with scenarios, which may include hundreds of passengers and large quantities of flamable liquids.

Fot this reason, ICAO imposes additional requirements for the used on airports foam compounds. One of them is to extinguish a test fire for 60 sec instead of the required in EN 1568 up to 180 secs.

For this reason, it is highly recomendable to use on airports foam compounds, having the relevant approval (in most cases type AFFF and FFFP).



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